I love spring

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I love spring

Post  Chatters on Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:27 pm

Spring is here or is at least very much on the way.

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Ostara is also nearly here, which for me is all about the birth of spring.

It always falls around March 20 - 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 2011 spring equinox falls on March 20. In the Southern Hemisphere, Ostara falls on September 23.

Although I do not celebrate the holiday in honour of a goddess. I do honour the passing of the seasons and spring is one of my favourite seasons. It’s the time to wake up from the long winter and start looking forward to the year. Its also a time to realise that in nature life is still very vulnerable. The frosts are still coming, the birds still wouldn't mind a bit of a helping hand. I am still putting the fat balls out. But at least now I can dig over my compost heap and the ground is no longer frozen so I keep digging up the fat worms for the two robins who have taken up house in my garden.

This year I will celebrate in my garden - sowing more seeds and maybe planting out some plants if the weather is not to frosty. I will also be making some magical items such as charm bags, spell bottles and later hopefully soaps. I will be starting the spell bottles and charm bags in March and will mainly concentrate on those. For now the cards are being made. ohhhh lots of seasonal cards coming - a landscape waking up and shaking off the remains of winter.

Last but not least - a lovely meal with my husband, still thinking about what I want to cook

Does anyone here celebrate this time of year? If so what are people doing?

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Re: I love spring

Post  loki1980 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:31 am

yes i love this time of year aswell, i think this time of year new elements of yourself show through aswell.... i have posted a nice topic in wiccan parenting about how to get children involved in the celebrations.


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