Hi a new intro for the re opened forum

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Hi a new intro for the re opened forum

Post  Chatters on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:16 pm

As we have just re started the forum again, I thought I would add another introduction, think I have changed in my craft since the last time I did an intro, so here goes.

My real first name is Amanda, and I'm 36, not long till I'm 37 - next month. I live in the North West of England which I love, with my husband and herb garden. I have been a practising witch for 6 years now and was a pagan before that. Been a bit of a nature girl all my life, I even love the bugs in my garden. As well as being fascinated by nature all my life, I have also been interested in the occult for as long as I can remember and I have communicated or had experiences with spirits from being very young.

My craft leans very much towards green witchcraft - gardening, wild-crafting. I'm quite old school in that way, in that I prefer to grow all my herbs myself and now have started to make my own oils. My craft also includes communicating and interacting with my ancestors and land spirits. My practice is very spiritual and very close to the land, it’s quite simple really - no props, I have my bowls on my alter and scrying mirror along with other similar simple tools - all my tools are given to me, handed down, brought from antique shops - my bowls, and collected on my wanderings.

I am also an artist - painting and drawing mainly – so this is another area that I bring to my craft.

Look forward to chatting to everyone more


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Re: Hi a new intro for the re opened forum

Post  loki1980 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:18 pm

do i really need to do this again amanda? you serious? well ok here goes....
im maggie, aka loki ( i prefer loki) im 31 years old, been raised witch, i know no better! been practising solo for many many years. i have two daughters (twins) which i am coaching in the trad belief systems, with aunty amandas help Very Happy i work well with spirits, i dont think twice about hexing, when needed, not just out of bordom. im a country girl, raised on farms etc, loves folklore.


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