different hexes and the after math

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different hexes and the after math

Post  loki1980 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:36 am

Im going to discuss the different types of hexes, and there oucomes.
most witches willnot agree with what im saying on here because it blows the harm none rule out the water. you can mentally hex. this is when you wish bad or negitive things onto someone else. 9/10 people will say they have done this at some point in there lives. if you send out enough negitive energy towards someone, that person will eventually feel it and pick up on it. hence making theselves stumble over normal day to day blips, ie big bills etc.
the other two hexes are more physical, this is when u set out to target a person physically. by that i mean, you gather up personal items, or u write a tag id, you annoit the candle etc. this hex form normally uses a 2 / 3 hour burning candle ( black), which the end result will be a series of unfortuate events which the target will suffer.... big bills, electrical faults, loss of money and in some cases ill health.
the next form of hexing, which most witches arent taught or spoken to about is "rapid fire hexes". this form of hex, the casting witch needs stamina, to see the hex through to the end.
This involves a series of candles, normally in the odd amount, been annointed as above hex, after lighting the first candle, the witch will then scry or trance, mentally sending out negitivity to the target person, when the candle has burnt, the witch will then place the idential 2nd candle onto the first, repeat the scrying, so on and so forth until all candles have been used up. this process can take upto 10 hours to complete so the witch has to have strong stamina for scrying without having a fag or brew break, it is a continuous spell. if the witch breaks the hex will only last as long as the 2nd hex i spoke about.
with the rapid fire hex, this will send continous bolts of bad luck or unfortuante events, when the target realises " hey i cant spend this money im skint" the hex will then hit with an unavoidable expence they have to meet to function in everyday life.
hexing is such a taboo subject amongst witches, because it is seen as wrong or goes against morals. to me hexing is the most natural thing a witch can do, because anger and protection of those you love, and yourself, go hand in hand as emotions. the need to protect yourself against harm, is natural has you can get. so i dont personally believe that a witch should avoid doing it, in one way or another like mentioned here.


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